A billion reason to be thankful for

Recently I got a friend request on Facebook from a childhood friend that I haven’t spoken to in over 10 years. It turned out that she was looking for me on Facebook, twitter etc. That’s exactly what I was doing. I even messaged someone with the same name asking if she was who I thought she was. Weird, I know. She didn’t respond though. Anyway, back to my friend: we caught up for a while. You know, what we’ve been up to and life in general. I still remember very well how she just vanished: one day her father, who was a journalist, just got abducted from their own home in front of her mother and two younger brothers and they never heard anything about him again. They, then, had to flee their home for a safer place and that’s when I stopped hearing from her. Till now. This got me thinking about my life in general. Even though I’m pretty an optimistic person, I do get caught up sometimes in the spiral of negativity: I’m not enough, no one loves me and I do not have enough red lipsticks (which is certainly not true, I assure you, I have enough red lipsticks for the rest of my life). But you know what? I live in a safe place, I have a loving family and friends, I get to do things that I love and enjoy, I have a job and even though It’s part-time but I get paid enough to buy more red lipsticks (and nudes because they’re my new obsession). I have a billion reason to be thankful and so does my friend, whose dads’ fate is still unknown, because she still has the rest of her family. So do you. You’ve probably been ungrateful in some period of your life and maybe you’re right now in one of those times. Always remember though: you have a billion reason to be thankful for.

This is an invitation for you to take the time today to think about all the blessing in your life. Probably on your way home or before going to bed.

PS: I was born and raised in Baghdad and such things (read: kidnaps) are very common there, that they’re almost normal. well, “normal”! They’re certainly not normal because it still affects you in a way or another. Your heart still aches and you always shed a tear when you hear about them. It’s just that people there are so used to it, that they’ve almost become numb… if that makes sense.


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