Why I’ll Never Be A Hairy Feminist?

The other day I was at the swimming pool. Just soaking up the sun and enjoying my two favorite things about summer: the sun and new bikini’s (especially when it’s mint-green!). Then, I saw it. There it was. Oh God, I missed a spot. how can it be!! When i woke up earlier that day- and even though it was a Saturday and I never wake up early on Saturdays- to shave my legs, I somehow missed a spot. “Can they see it? Oh God, what if they can see it? Does anybody here have a razor? A tweezer would do! Hey you, hello, do you have a razor? Why don’t you answe.. oh wait you can’t hear me. Probably it’s for my own benefit that you can’t. Probably you don’t see it. Probably no one can see it. But what if they do!!” All those thoughts kept running through  my mind at the speed of light. Till a comforting thought jumped into my thoughts swirl and made me feel better about my unshaved spot: feminists never shave. I had peace for the rest of the day thinking like that. Till I lay in bed that night and start thinking: shaving is not bad at all. Not if you’re doing it for yourself. I know that society tells us to shave every single hair on our body even before we can see it. Guys don’t like hairy girls. I know because every single guy I know has made a joke about a girl with a “mustache”. Of course we, women, feel the pressure to shave when everyone is telling us to shave and that no one will ever like us if we have our armpits unshaved. Sad but it’s true. But then again I can’t live my life knowing that my armpits are unshaved. I can’t wear short skirts without shaving my legs, not because I’m supposed to, but it’s just I love silky, hairless legs. And the worst part is when it’s that time of the month if you know what i mean. yeeks!

yes, I’m a feminist but I still shave. Not for the world. Not for the boys. Not for anyone, but for me! And I’ll keep doing it for me.


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