You Can’t Predict Life!

Growing up, I’d always dreamed of my sweet sixteen party. Balloons, friends and most definitely a boyfriend. By then i’ll be over 1,70 m (5,7 ft.) because my sister is tall. When i finally turn 16 i’ll dye my hair red as in “Rihanna red”. When i turned 16, we’d just moved to a new country. I had no friends there and lost almost all connections with all “old friends”. I  didn’t have a boyfriend and was waiting for my body to grow taller than 1,60 m. My hair wasn’t dyed red and will probably never be red. I celebrated my sweet sixteen with  my parents and sister (which was really enough to make me feel blessed) and I was allowed to drink beer. You see, life takes weird turns and things that you take for granted now aren’t so guaranteed. If there’s one thing i’ve learned in the last four years then it’s to never expect a lot and plan a lot. It’s somehow good to have plans (and back-up plans) but always, always, always remember there’s no guarantee. So you might just as well live in the moment and not care (too much) about what’s yet to come because, dear, life is so unpredictable.


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