My Prince Won’t Come!

Every year we have this great holiday where people in relationships remember this tiny fact and decide to buy their “loved ones” a rose while people like me just sit in the corner and wonder what’s wrong with us. We call it Valentine’s day and it’s on the 14th of February.


See, this is the 21st Valentine’s day that I spend in my lonesomeness (Where is my Genesis Award?). For the last couple years it’d always felt so lonely, I must admit. For the last 20 years I’ve been telling myself that someday my prince will come. That’s what Snow white told us all, right? On days like this I used to get really frustrated. Why does it take my prince that long? The thing is not everybody gets a prince, you know. It’s like winning the lottery. We all wish if it’d be us. Mom tells me that i’m still too young to give up. It’s just that it no longer matters. Why spend your whole life waiting for prince charming, when you can have fun on your own, right?

This year, as the 14th of February approaches, I’ll just buy myself some chocolate and roses like a real lady boss.


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