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The Female Privilege?

I grew up in a family where going to the university is normal. It started 3 generations ago and we kept this tradition. Except for my cousin who got married at 18 right after graduating from high school. Getting marry early is obviously not our (family) thing as well. Don’t get me wrong. If you’re not into school, don’t go to school. If you think you’ve found the one, go ahead marry him and have ten kids with him if you want to. We can argue about finding “the one” at 18, because I don’t really believe that there’s such thing as “the one” and not at 18. Since I turned 18, I’ve met many “great” guys who turned out to be douchebags after a while. But that’s just me and I have a love hate relationship with guys. The main point is; if you want to do something, do it and vice versa.

Though, the thing that bugs me when it comes to my cousin that she never has a say about what she wants. He decided that she’s not going to school, because he wants kids. He decided that she’s not going to post pictures of herself on Facebook because sir can get really jealous if her guy friends liked her pictures (even though she had to block like 99% of them). See, I don’t post that many pictures of me on social media, only if I went to a special event or traveled somewhere I’d literally bombard you with pictures (most of them of places and nature). But I know my cousin and I know how much she loves taking pictures and sharing them with people. That was literally her hobby. I’d get it if he chose not to share much on social media for privacy (I still don’t get why, but we’ll just go with it), but he changes his profile picture every week. EVERY WEEK! Even teenagers don’t do that.

Talking about female privilege; isn’t it important to make sure that our marriages are  healthy? That both of them are compatible? That both of them get to decide how their life is going to look like. The reason why I’m a half feminist is because feminists, somehow, always want women to have the upper hand in a relationship. But that wouldn’t make a healthy relationship as well. Compatibility is the key, I guess!

(If you’re wondering how a healthy relationship should look like, take a look at this image below that I found somewhere on Pinterest)





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