Criticism, feminism

Dear Amber Rose!!

Dear Amber Rose,

First off, how do you stay in shape like that? I’m 13 years younger than you and don’t look just as good!

Second, would you please stop telling (young) girls to hoe around? No, I’m not slut shaming and you do have the complete freedom to do whatever you want. I’m only concerned about the girls and woman who take you as a role model and sleep with every guy that buys them drinks. See, I’m not going to talk about STD’s etc etc, because everybody knows the risks. And I bet you’ve heard of “if he takes his condom off, then it’s rape” (aka stealthing). I don’t know what you think about this, but we all know one thing for sure if he takes it off (and he’s positive), then the chances of you getting an STD is 100%.

But, we’ll leave this aside because we have another issues to tackle here. Because what if the guy you’re sleeping with and don’t even know his name turns out to be a serial killer. Yes, this does happen in real life and not just a scenario straight out of a thriller. How many prostitutes were murdered while they were on duty? And, i’m not comparing you to prostitutes, after all they do it for money, but this kind of stuff do happen. What if he rapes you? What if he doesn’t stop when you say so? What if, in most fortunate cases, he turns out to be a thief that robs you of your money and everything you have. Isn’t that something that you should be telling girls to take into consideration?

What about feelings? What if, even though you repeatedly tell yourself that you’re just a hoe who has no feelings, butterflies start dancing in your belly. Because, last time I checked, science does say that you have feelings that you can’t always control. Has to do with hormones, you know.

In a perfect world, you’d be able to hook up with every guy (or girl) you know and don’t know. But, alas, reality is different. Reality is harsh.

So next time, you show some bum and tell your fans to hoe around and have no care in the world, tell them to take those things first into consideration.


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