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One Love Manchester Thing!!

Just came back from my vacation. A week full of adventures and crappy internet. And I’m shocked! I’m shocked by the “One Love Manchester”. In case you follow the news and don’t live on Mars then you’ve heard of the tragic Manchester terror attack. Totally heartbreaking. Not just for the young people who died but also for their families and loved ones and of course for Ariana as well. And the thought of Ariana willing to do something for the victims of this horrific terror attack is plausible. The thing is I don’t think dancing half-naked on stage will make a change. It definitely won’t bring the lives of those teenagers back. I don’t think either that the parents of the victim were jumping up and down because Ariana will pay for the funerals. Because, “well, we’ve lost our child, but you know what? Everybody will die someday and at least we don’t have to pay for the funeral.” 

When the terror attack first happened and the UK raised its threat level to critical (22 may 2017), I commented on a post on Facebook saying that this will only last for couple of days and then the world, and the UK, will move on and life will go on as if nothing has happend. Then the whole cycle will start all over again. Per usual I got tons of hate comments on my pessimistic thoughts.  On the 26th of may 2017, and just four days later, the UK reduced its threat level from critical to severe. The following days the UK must have reduced its threat level to nil because nothing has happened. And BAM! the 3rd of June; there was, yet again, another terror attack in London that led to the death of at least 7 (!!!!!) people and the injury of dozens more.

Well, Ariana and Miley won’t you twerk some more while singing side to side (which is obviously about sex (too much of it actually) and I think that it’s totally inappropriate to sing it in memory of those who have lost their lives in the Manchester terror attack) while the government sit back and enjoy the misery of our world? How many lives have to be lost before we actually do something about them instead of our “pray for *insert place name*” tweets.

Don’t get me wrong. I’ll be the first one who’ll pray for the lives of those killed in any terror attack unregarded of their faith, ethnicity, nationality or gender. I’ll be the first one to change her profile picture to a new profile picture with the flag of the country where a terror attack has happened. But I’m tired. Tired of doing nothing. Tired of living in fear while others are being killed, shot dead or stabbed. Knowing that I or one of my loved ones might be next. I’m tired of expressing our sorrow and fear for those terror attacks only through our tweets, instead of our actions. I’m tired of checking my social media every morning and finding that there was yet another terror attack somewhere in the world and people breathed their last breathes in pools of blood while I was sleeping. I’m tired of this chaos.


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