Who am I?

My name is Diana and I was named after princess Diana. I was born and raised in Baghdad and I’ve been through the whole Iraq war. at 14 we had to leave home for good. at 15 we reached our final destination, as I call it, and ever since life has never been the same. I’ve always loved writing and with this blog of mine I’d love to archive some of my own experiences.


Why The Little Cactus?

I love cacti. who doesn’t?¬†Also, cacti are cute and everything but when you touch them they’re prickly. They know how to defend themselves.They’re fearless. I feel like if they were humans they’d know how to speak their mind. And that’s what my blog is about. Speaking my mind. Telling the world what I think, even if it’s not what everybody wants to hear. Because I feel that most of us are just copy-pasting ideas. I don’t know if it’s lack of creativity or out of fear. Fear of being different. That’s why I decided to be a cactus and tell the world what I think.