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People Can’t Take Sh*t No More!

Dearest reader, Have you ever commented on a Facebook post and just stated your opinion? well, in case you haven't, it feels like you opened the doors of hell. It perplexes me how little people tolerate and how fast they are to be triggered. Now, I know depression. I know how it feels like. I've… Continue reading People Can’t Take Sh*t No More!

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Mood Swings & Periods

I lay once on two chairs in an unknown classroom, hyperventaliting. I looked around trying to make out faces around me but it was all so blurry. “Does it have to be now? In the very first month of my life as a university student?” I thought to myself. Thank you Mother Nature for the… Continue reading Mood Swings & Periods

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When You Tell Someone With Anxiety To Calm Down

Disclaimer: I'm not a qualified person to talk about this. I'm just telling my own experiences with the hope that this will clarify things to those fail to understand anxiety. Things come and go, except for anxiety. Anxiety has been your companion throughout the years. And even though lately you've been extremely proud of yourself because… Continue reading When You Tell Someone With Anxiety To Calm Down

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Parents, get your kids off their iPads!

"Have you got games in your phone?", she asked 3.000 times and after each I answered, real annoyed and looking desperately towards her parents, "No, I've got this cellphone for over 3 years and it crashes every 5 seconds. It won't survive a game". I really hoped that her parents would get the hints but… Continue reading Parents, get your kids off their iPads!

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One Love Manchester Thing!!

Just came back from my vacation. A week full of adventures and crappy internet. And I'm shocked! I'm shocked by the "One Love Manchester". In case you follow the news and don't live on Mars then you've heard of the tragic Manchester terror attack. Totally heartbreaking. Not just for the young people who died but… Continue reading One Love Manchester Thing!!

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Dear Amber Rose!!

Dear Amber Rose, First off, how do you stay in shape like that? I'm 13 years younger than you and don't look just as good! Second, would you please stop telling (young) girls to hoe around? No, I'm not slut shaming and you do have the complete freedom to do whatever you want. I'm only… Continue reading Dear Amber Rose!!

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The Female Privilege?

I grew up in a family where going to the university is normal. It started 3 generations ago and we kept this tradition. Except for my cousin who got married at 18 right after graduating from high school. Getting marry early is obviously not our (family) thing as well. Don't get me wrong. If you're not… Continue reading The Female Privilege?


Thou Shall Not Worry!!!

Today was an emotional day. I had my med entrance exam and just being there made me feel so small. I mean, all those people (competitors, shall I say?) were athletes, did internships in hospitals and travelled the world and I was there with my 5 months experience as a volunteer in a nursing home.… Continue reading Thou Shall Not Worry!!!


My Prince Won’t Come!

Every year we have this great holiday where people in relationships remember this tiny fact and decide to buy their "loved ones" a rose while people like me just sit in the corner and wonder what's wrong with us. We call it Valentine's day and it's on the 14th of February. See, this is the 21st… Continue reading My Prince Won’t Come!